3-6 July 1985

Arrived in Salzburg at 12:30
met other 5 room mates and haus frau. Unpacked, ate dinner and spent a wild night on the town.

4-July-1985 – Salzburg:
Orientation at 10:30
Lunch at 12:00
city tour after lunch.
figured out Buses and Train Station (the stares of the FRAUS)
got confused on the way to dinner
walk around after dinner, got lost, eventually made it home by 10:00pm

REM write frank as soon as you have # of office so he won’t call Frau Glück

5-July-1985 Salzburg:
After lunch I walked to the Dom and spent a long time looking all the walls and ceiling
found american express, but didn’t go in because I suddenly felt overwhelmingly ashamed to be in a foreign city and not even be able to ask how to change travelers checks. Because of this I walked to the river and read my Frommers book until dinner and then came home.

6-July-1985 Salzburg:
Had lunch with Dr. McVoy & Parents.  Walked up to the castle, took two pictures, it seemed like every time I found a place to look from a huge crowd would encircle me and crowd me out. — before that I watched the ducks and swans just under the first walking bridge on the far side — After the castle (climb wasn’t that bad, it was much shorter than I expected). Some great views of Dom on way up. After that, walked around St. Peter’s graveyard and went into St. Michaels Cathedral. All gold inside. Had a coke at the beergarden. Then sat by the river (on near side) and read Mozart & Death in Venice until dinner. After dinner walked around river. At dusk the sun makes beautiful colors on the far side of the river and on the trees and houses. (took picture). — Went over to the ducks & swans (4) again to take a picture in this light. Went home, wrote up lyrics to JOE.

Commentary…  The “Stares of the FRAUS” is a story in and of itself.  I was so focused on figuring out how the buses worked that I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me on the bus.  I was seated towards the back, and when I looked up I noticed that the bus was full – mostly of older ladies – and they were all staring at me.  As I felt my heartbeat in my mouth and my face turn red, I realized it was because there were other ladies standing waiting for a seat.  I was not yielding my seat like a gentleman.  I got off at the next stop and walked home.  Salzburg was ruled by the Fraus I soon learned.

I think it’s funny that I entered an aside in the log by using the Basic program “remark” symbol, REM.

The “lyrics to JOE” refers to the tape of Joe (the name my songwriting partner, Jim, and I gave ourselves) songs that I brought with me, with the intension to somehow give it to Dave Cousins of the Strawbs when I eventually got to England.  That’s another story…

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