Europe 1985 journal

For the next month or so, I will be transcribing the journal I kept during my trip to Europe in 1985 — 25 years ago this year.  I tried to keep the general tone while making it comprehensible — not always easy.  Some entries were written late at night, and the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and general maturity of the writing is a bit sad for a 22 year old.  But there’s something here, a portrait, a scene — much with a healthy dose of goofiness.  And to me, it’s all incredibly vivid.  When I write about hearing all the bells in the city go off at the same time, a sound that inspired one of my senior compositions at school, I can hear still hear the bells and see the evening light.  And there’s plenty that still makes me giggle and/or cringe.  With additional financial help from my parents, I emptied my meager bank account to go on this trip.   Worth every cent!    Here goes…

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