13-July-1985 Sat.

I turn on the Beer Gardens.

13-July-1985, Sat.

Tony and I sat in the park and read and talked most of the day.  There was a Frau convention just by where we were sitting and they took one of our benches.  I started reading the Fidel Castro interview in his Playboy.  Then we walked by the river and sat until dinner.  After dinner I went to a concert (Augustinian Church) of Bach.  One string orchestra piece in a-moll and 2 Kantatas.  The adagio of the string orchestra piece was one of the best Bach things I had ever heard.  Being an ancient church the seats were extremely uncomfortable — especially the student discount seats.  I could attend one of these every night, $3.00.  Afterward Lance, Kevin (from West Chester), Peter, some other guy, Linda (older woman), and that girl that’s friends with Linda & I went to Augustinian Beer Garden — drag.  I hate those places.  I was lucky enough to catch one of the last Buses home.

That scene in the park with the Frau Convention is pretty vivid.  Like I said earlier, the Frau’s ran Salzburg.  The haunting reality is that I think there are so many because they’re husbands died in WWII. When I realized that I got chills.   The entire park was dominated by Fraus, all from mid-50s to 70s, and many with very short-legged dogs.  In my mind I see that Seurat painting, but everyone is a older Austrian woman, all in a similar flower-patterned dress, most with long-bodied, short-legged dogs.  I think by now I’m gradually reincorporating the guy I left back home with the guy I was in Salzburg.  It’s OK to be me and not like beer gardens. But it’s also OK to be set free.

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