14-July-1985 – not climbing the Untersberg

I didn’t climb the Untersberg.  That’s the most exciting thing about this day.  From Lance’s description of the climb it sounded really cool.   I remember descriptions of  them scaling up and down ice-filled crevices.  I do wish I had gone…

14-July-1985 Sunday hot

Planned to go to Dom but never made it.  Slept ’till about 2 dreaming strange things. Lance climbed the Untersberg (can be seen out window) with Peter & Frau Glück’s son-in-law at 5:00am.  From what he said, it is something I must do.  Tried to go with Lance at 6:30 to Augustinian.  The place was so crowded with people pushing to get to this one deli counter. I couldn’t take that, so I sat while he ate and later went with Al to Gasthof at the corner. Surfin’ Kevin got back from Switzerland so he told us about that.  Shot the old breeze for a while.  Lance told us about his love life.  And I took a shower.  I take Kevin for an extremely nice guy.  I should have brought more underwear.  But really, that’s how Sunday’s should be.

…and I wish I had brought more underwear.   How did we survive without high-tech, dry-overnight underwear?

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