15-July-1985 I dreamed I was Mozart

I come down with a sore throat and cold.  Honestly I don’t remember that at all.  I do, however, remember the Mozart dream.

15-July-1985 Monday

Had class — sat at restaurant ’till lunch.  Played piano after lunch — talked with Peter a bit.  Went home and did some underwear and studying.  Went down to supper.  After supper went w/ John to McDonald’s to eat.  And then John made me show him the Augustinian (ran into Colette and she went along).  We didn’t get home ’till 10:00.  I realized that I felt absolutely terrible and had a bad bad sore throat.  Tried to study a bit.  Was extremely cold — it started raining like crazy.  I must have had a fever ’cause in the middle of the night I was sweating like a pig (the fever must have broke).  I dreamed that I was Mozart and was wandering around Salzburg — everyone kept hitting me and giving me wrong directions.  Finally, I couldn’t sleep so I got up, went into the mini-kitchen to tried to study.  After about 10 minutes I realized I was nauseous as hell.  So I ate some Tums and went back to bed.  I looked out the window and the sky was beautiful.  It must have been Jupiter that shown so brightly.  In the evening the air was remarkably clear — I could see all details on the mountain — I could even see mountains I never saw before.  They say that if you can see the mountains clearly — that means it will rain.  And sure enough – it rained.

But Anyway — I eventually fell asleep.  I think it was all test anxiety.  I don’t know, though, I feel good enough to go to Hellbrunn which is the scheduled trip.  Oh well, maybe it’ll rain.

I can’t believe this isn’t in the log, but the best part about the Mozart dream is that in the morning, Lance told me that in the middle of the night I sat up yelling something in German!   Maybe I was really dreaming in German. Too bad I still couldn’t speak it when I was awake!   I don’t remember who “Peter” was — I think he was a West Chester student with long hair…probably liked Gentle Giant.   “John made me show him the Augustinian” — that’s pretty funny.  How dare he force me to take him to a beer garden!

Capitalizing “But Anyway” is  a reference to a character I created named But Anyway.  But Anyway had a pet dog named Balboa, and a tyrannosaurus for a friend.  He appeared mostly in letters I’d write to friends away at college.  I still like the concept.

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