I eat strudel for dinner, and then complain about not getting enough to eat “around here”.  I miss another field trip.

16-July-1985 Tues

No, I didn’t go to Hellbrunn, but I hear it’s wild. Slept (or tried to) in afternoon, then John came home and of course tried to get me to drink a beer with him, but I wouldn’t do it.  I read him parts of my letters.  Frau Glück made Apfel and cherry(?) strudel for dinner. Everyone was there — a rare occasion.  Afterward John & Joel tried to get me to go with them out to meet Marci & Colette which would’ve been nice, but I felt not good and the bus leaves at 7:00am tomorrow for Munich.  I’m really glad I didn’t go because now it’s raining.  Went to Bahnhof & exchanged money.  I hope Lance talked to Frau Glück about eating an early Frühstück .  We don’t get much to eat around here — that’s for sure.

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