20-July-1985. I want to…but I’m too tired.

20-July-1985 Sat.

Slept until lunch.  Slept & read after lunch.  Ate lunch with Colette.  After dinner went to a performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Franciscan church.  Stood for whole thing – cost $7.50 but well worth it.  It was pooring rain afterwards — which was great!  It fit in so perfectly.  I wanted to go home and complete all my unfinished works.  It wouldn’t be that hard.  But I’m too tired — I’ll try to think through them as I fall asleep.  Marcia Davenport says in book that the composer must subject himself to the strictest mental discipline.  Oh! if only I could.

What is there to say?  How many times have I repeated that to myself?  What can I learn 25 years later?  Oh, Salzburg.

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