21-22 July-1985 – far across the lawn… my pants seem worthless

21-July-1985 Sun.

Slept ’till noon.  Finished “Far across the lawn” inspired by concert & M. Davenport.  Went out to eat w/ Joel at Nordsee (a german Arthur Treachers). Not bad.  Met John at Mozart’s Geburtshaus and went to Stern Brau & Augustinian — both unexciting.  Talked to Sonja at Augustinian.  Then I came home, read Mozart, and ate {something} and yogurt.  Cold doesn’t really seem any better than gestern.  Sh*t.

That “Far Across the Lawn” music ended up in one of my senior recital pieces – Three Songs for Baritone.  I’m not sure what I “finished” in Salzburg, exactly.  The lyrics are by my friend, James Esch:
Far across the lawn
Looking at her watch
She sighed.
The part that I sketched out was after the word “watch” — I used the sound of all the church bells going off at once as inspiration.  I love how the poem starts with distance, and then suddenly zooms all the way in to her watch.   Even though it’s an intimate moment, I wanted to portray how big and profound the moment could have been to her.  I tried several times to write out something that had that sound.  In the end, I actually improvised the section at my senior recital.  Chris McGay was the baritone, he did a great job.

22-July-1985 Mon.

After a completely miserable weekend, today didn’t seem so bad.  My head is still clogged.  Met class at Mozarteum (school of music and museum) across river.  Wasn’t too thrilling.  Saw a few more letters like the one from Paris when his mother died.  Saw & heard some instruments (organ, harpsichord & piano) at the Mozart-Wohnhaus — afterward, I thought that we had completely missed lunch so I stormed to McDonald’s which was mobbed mobbed mobbed.  The food gave me an incredible headache that didn’t go away until dinner.  I walked up and down the Getran Strasse looking in windows like everyone else until I couldn’t stand it anymore and then — climbed stairs to Mönchberg and across to Augustinian.  Took two pictures from Winkler.

Headache was so bad I lay on a bench off the road for awhile — didn’t help.  Finally made it to the school by 4:00 and played piano while Kevin drew a picture of a wave on the board (hang ten, babe!).  Sat at restaurant until dinner, listened to different conversations while trying to write lyrics.  The prospects of dinner was so bad (cold bologna salad) that John & I went to Weinerweld.  He treated the whole evening.  Then we wanted to go see Amadeus — but it was too late.  We could either see the Glenn Miller Story or Star Wars – both dubbed.  I of course wanted to see Star Wars.  After 30 minutes John mumbled something and left.  Oh, well.  I enjoyed it.  It’s a good way to learn German.  Rushed out, didn’t see John, ran to catch last Bus home.  Just made it.  Talked to Kevin off the balcony about concert at Mirabell as he got undressed.  I decided today that my pants are fitting too loose — I must eat more.  My new pants seem worthless, they’re so big.

Also, I must do two things — see museums! and climb mountains.  Dr McVoy and Eye (sic) saw poster for concert series of Xanakis — most concerts are free, so yeah!  Bought some post cards and aerograms as well.

There is a bright planet in the sky that rises very late — so I figure it must be Jupiter.  I wish I new the Summer sky — perhaps I could see Alpha Centuri.

Um, Jim, no I don’t think you can see Alpha Centuri.  You’re even further North than home.  And why, why, why do you keep going to MacDonald’s.  I guess three times in a month isn’t so horrible — but there are other places to eat.  Heck nowadays they probably have a KFC on every corner.  Everything I read about John in these logs makes me wonder why I kept hanging around with him.  I guess we had some good conversations and he took the time to get to know me.  How funny that earlier I’m so worried about my pants shrinking, and now they’re worthlessly too big!   How many hours of my life have I spent worrying about my pants.  Good grief.

Finding out about the Xanakis concerts was *big news*.   Dr. McVoy and I were so excited about that.  The first concert we went to was absolutely incredible — stay tuned for that.

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