23-July-1985 So long ago

So long ago.  She had a very sad look in her eye…


After lunch exchanged money, went to Carolino Augusteum Museum of Salzburg — historical.  For most of the time I was the only person in the entire museum.  Three floors — I looked at everything in the place closely.  I was surprised how much of the German descriptions I could understand.  The first floor was ancient pieces with information about museum itself.  Second floor was mostly ancient Neolithic and Bronze Age stuff found in the area.  Saw a portrait of a young woman in her finest dress.  When I looked around at the rooms they had set up in Medieval authenticity I had the feeling that these people or especially this girl were very unhappy.  So long ago.  She had a very sad look in her eye.  On the next floor was a lot of modern art.  Some of which I wrote in the other book.  Many original instruments (baroque and rococo) also.  Long bassoons with snake’s head for bells.  Would have liked to buy some information but it looked too expensive.  After museum I walked back to piano and then home to change for Marionette theater.   John and Vanessa showed up at the theatre before show (they had been drinking all day).  Then John couldn’t handle it (he paid extra money to get good seats) and left with Vanessa which was extremely maddening.  The proud, flaunting, blatant apathy sought out my anger to no end.  The show was good – I wish I knew the opera better for the parts I did know I enjoyed a lot.  Afterward I wanted to stay outside because the weather was so nice, but I, alas, was too tired.

What “other book”?  I don’t remember that at all.  I bet those “bassoons” were sackbuts!  I had forgotten about that museum, and how I spent hours looking at everything it.  And that girl with the sad look in her eye.  I remember her now.   The opera was “The Magic Flute”, and it was a lot of fun.  How can people go to Salzburg for an entire month and have no interest in anything but drinking.  I remember some people saying halfway through the month, “I’ve done Salzburg, I’m bored, I’m ready to move on”.  At this point in the trip, I felt I could have stayed there the rest of my life.

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