24-July-1985 the crazy gnome-like professor said I was eloquent.


After lunch I went home to sleep.  After dinner I talked with Alfred (the professor from Edinboro who speaks a zillion languages, has traveled to every corner of the globe, and thinks he’s the carrier of the Socratic tradition — and yet believes he knows everything.)  He told me he had been hoping to talk with me — says he knew that I was a very perceptive person from the first time he saw me.  Has has quite a temper and I have seen him blow up.  However, I, when hearing that he taught geography quoted Dr. Ellis as saying that geography is a worthless subject.   For a while after that he stopped every sentence 2 seconds after I started with, “that is a very stupid thing to say”.  (the dude was drunk).  Anyway, he said I looked very European (anemic) and that I will turn out alright and that I carry myself very eloquently.  He told Tony that he will always be a child.

Alfred looked like a gnome – short, stocky, with long white hair and beard.  Rumor had it that he had two wooden legs.  I remember that evening.  We had to sit outside for dinner because there was an Indian wedding in the restaurant.  He blew up at one of the older ladies on the tour, yelling, “Bitch”, then correcting himself saying, “Sorry, OLD bitch!”.   She took it in stride.  So what does it mean that such a maniac said I would turn out alright?  Although I guess I’ve always prided myself on being respected by crazy eccentrics.  Dr. Ellis was my geology professor. He was equally arrogant and eccentric…but not as mean.  Imagine that evening with a live, crazy, increasing frenetic,  Indian dance beat going on in the background.   That night I may have been wearing my jeans and new pink shirt.  I was happy with how I looked.  Maybe that’s why I had the balls to challenge this kooky old elf.

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