26-July-1985 Fanfare in the Biergarten

26-July-1985 Fri.

Talked with John and then with Kevin before lunch.  Kevin was rambling on about how he couldn’t believe Dr. L…{?} was North American Fencing Champion and how other people besides him got scholarship money.  My goal was a concert at Mozarteum at 12:00 which I missed because of the lousy buses and traffic.  By the time the bus went past the restaurant it was 5 of 12 so I simply went to lunch.  After lunch went across steet to get ice cream w/ Kevin and Wendy.   Kevin ordered a banana split and Mozartbrecher (I have no idea what that is – ed.).  He was insane most of the day; insane yet hilarious.  After that I went home and talked and ate with John for a long time.  John’s been around – he was telling me about his singing telegram days in Pittsburg.  Went to dinner, afterwards went to Augustinian with Shirley, John, Maureen, Marci, Joel, and Barb.  Meet Salzburg friend of girls – a biologist named Martin.  Made a few trips to U.S – thought Boulder was the nicest place he had been!  Suggests I go to Hungary.  Shirley (from Lancaster) says her delivery company delivers to Lancaster Labs and has heard the name Fred Albright.  She told me she’d give me her # and we’d party sometime.  For the most part the Augustinian was as boring as death.  But some inspiration took me and I began thinking through the Fanfare and received new ideas that have been after me for a while now (Saturday night).  We left and I went home while everyone else went to clubs.  John left early.

To be honest that trip to the ice cream store was a bit more interesting; I had to sensor my description of Wendy eating ice cream.  At 47,  I can’t bring myself to repeat it.  She was a lovely young woman.  …Anyway, moving on… a couple contextual notes: Boulder, ever since I had gone there in ’83, had been my favorite place in the US.  I’ve been back twice since then and it certainly still ranks way up there.  “Fred Albright” is my cousin who was one of the key figures at Lancaster Laboratories.  Shirley never gave me her number, and I think both of us know that she never would.  And even if she had, do you think that in a million years I would have called her to “party”?   I probably had difficulty looking her in the eye, and goodness knows what she meant by “party”.  …. Geez – you’d think the Augustinian was the center of the universe.  Why were we always back at that place?   It’s a riot that in a crowded, raucous beer garden, surrounded by friends, acquaintances, and girls who wanted to “party”, I entertained myself by staring into space, thinking through my “Fanfare” — the piano piece I had been working on.  God knows what “new ideas” I “received”.   That piece turned into my “Fanfare for Piano and Horn” that was performed at my senior recital 2 years later.  It was probably the most significant piece of music I wrote in college.  At least something good came out of that stupid beer garden.

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