27-July-1985 bells and super balls

27-July-1985 Sat.

Slept too much all morning, when I should have been buying food & washing clothes.  Staggered down to lunch in bad mood.  Meal was not too horrendous.  Came home with Joel, read USA today, first time I’ve read the newspaper the entire trip.  Then did some wash and read Mozart.  Went down to Altstadt early before dinner in order to see when the next Xenakis concert was and then to dinner.  Sat next to Connie (who’s been a vegetarian for 7 years). Very attractive.  Left immediately afterwards and walked to Altstadt and halfway up to fortress in order to hear the bells.  I must have missed them, because at around 8 o’clock a few went off, but it was nothing too exciting.  Right when those few started, Kevin and Wendy walked by on the way to concert.

Kevin: “what are you waiting for”
Me: I’m waiting for the bells to ring”
Kevin: “what, no really”
[bells start ringing]
Me: “this is what I’ve been waiting for – the bells!”
Wendy: “he wants to hear the bells – we’re disturbing him”
Kevin: “oh, sorry we’ll move on then, see ya”
Me: “see ya”

Afterwards I started home, dribbling my super-ball.  Almost went into the Art & Music club by our house, but no action was going on and two people who looked weird came out.  I left in fear of anarchists.  Perhaps if something would have been happening inside I would have investigated.  Made it home by 9:15.

I don’t know what was going on in that last paragraph.  …”no action was going on” at the club?  “Perhaps if something was going on”?  Since when did I seek out places where something was going on?   I barely remember that scene.  I was afraid of crazy Euro-anarchists, however.  But that statement is slightly tongue-in-cheek, as in, “isn’t it silly that I’m afraid of anarchists”.  Anarchism as a political philosophy is really interesting, but who knows how badly these particular anarchists hated Americans.  But really, I’m walking through the streets of Salzburg “dribbling my super-ball”.  Your run-of-the-mill Euro-anarchist must have some appreciation for that!  There were other situations where I was drawn to hang out with people that I thought I could relate to — like a group of  people sitting by the river strumming guitars.  But I would never get up the nerve.  And just continue on my way.  With my super-ball.

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