28-30 July-1985 the beginning of the end of Salzburg

28-July-1985 Sun

Went to Dom for mass with Joel & Marci.  I heard some Mozart, but there was also contemporary pieces (not very good).  The instrumentation was choir, organ, and string orchestra.  I lost Marci and Joel afterwards. I found a Picasso exhibit of his sketches and stuff.  Then ate at Nordsee — really good.  Went out around 6:00 with John to eat dinner, we ate twice.  Came home.

29-July-1985 Mon.

Went to class, heard Requiem.  Sang songs for Lance, Jen, & Debbie with Tony.  Midnight Sky goes over real good.  The Clap (to “One Arm Bandit”), and others.  Ate lunch.  Came home started finishing Mozart for test.  About 4:00, however, John, Joel, & I started drinking rum & cokes and we’re rather buzzed by dinner.  Marci gave me a whole bunch of Europe information — a lot on Vienna.  She assured me that I was the only one on this trip that she would even think of giving the material to.  We made our way back to the house for Lance’s big farewell beer bash in the back yard.  Aside from some major destruction by John who was really messed up — it all went well.  They played some good music — Alan Parson’s from Eve, Supertramp, and Meatloaf – the big favorite.  Danced with Colette & Barb.  I did OK with easy things – but really messed up with Paradise by the Dashboard Lights with Colette.  After that she danced with Carl.  Had a slow dance with Barb.  Everyone split — Lance left me in charge to put some things away.  Then — rather drunk I guess, I read the rest of Mozart.  Started taking notes.  Slept for about 2-1/2 hours ’till three — when John came in — completely gone — I’m lucky I survived.  Studied from about 4 to 5:30 then Lance came home.  Sort of slept ’til 6:30, got up, studied a bit before breakfast — Kevin cheered me up — I was feeling kind of ill!  Then I was in good spirits.

Another reference to that Midnight Sky song.  In the past few weeks while transcribing this journal I’ve remembered most of it.  It’s not bad.   “The Clap” was my music to Tony’s made up words.  I don’t feel a need to remember that one!   There were a couple songs like that.  Tony’s words were always pretty offensive.

Lance’s “beer bash” was basically 15-20 people in Frau Gluck’s back yard; maybe less.  I’m fairly certain I did pretty poorly in any attempt at dancing. What I remember most is stepping on toes.  Boy I sound like a real college student with the all night drunken studying.   I remember when John came home in the middle of the night — that was really surreal.  He was dying for a cigarette, but didn’t have any matches or his lighter.  He was really freaking out.  Believe it or not, I suggested he try to light his cigarette using Lance’s iron.  The visual of him sitting in a chair holding the hot iron up to his cigarette is very etched clearly in my mind.   What was I thinking?  What was he thinking?  What a riot.   I think Lance saved the day, when he came home with a match.

30-July-1985 Tues.

Got a 203 or 4 on final — that gives me an average of 101 — not bad!  After class Peter, Carl, and the other guy played with my superball in the school which is set for ultimate play.  I then walked around (missing – as I learned later, an opportunity to play for Shirley and Barb — and the last chance to see them as well) to the train station and to the Mozarteum to look for Xenakis posters.  Walked back to school, played piano.  Ate lunch with Joel and Colette.  Afterwards went shopping with them — bought Mozart record.  Came home, talked with John & Joel for a while — took shower.  John & Joel went to meet Marci and I went to dinner — ate with Tony & Colette, which was kind of sad thinking about how I may not see them for a long while if ever.

Afterwards, I walked to the river & was joined by Debbie (from South Carolina).  She is something of an extremely nice girl, extremely pretty as well.  She was all dressed up going to a meal and orientation for the Rome trip which leaves early tomorrow.  It was raining so she used my umbrella and I, my trench coat & hat.  I walked her to the hotel and she said, “I’ll never see you again in my entire life”.  I said, “well, I’ll write you a letter”.  She’s just as nice to everyone.  I then walked to a place on the way up to the fortress to hear bells.  They weren’t extremely impressive until the Dom bells went off.  I then walked over past Numberg Abbey to back of mountain and returned — got bus, came home.  At dinner Colette asked me what I thought of the people here.  I gave a very eloquent answer I think.

You must understand — the building where our classes were held was an 4 story atrium with the classrooms all around the sides.  So it really was the ultimate super ball court!  Who are all these people, and where did they all go?   I wonder what that “very eloquent” answer was that I gave to Colette.

The next day people start leaving…  And Frank arrives.

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