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10 Aug-1985 Paris day 1

10-Aug-1985 Paris Arriving in Paris was an ordeal. We managed to find 2 lockers open, but we had no money so I stood a good 45 minutes guarding our treasure as people of all creeds and colors walked by looking … Continue reading

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8-9 Aug-1985 Florence – Geneva

8-Aug-1985 Florence => 9-Aug-1985 Geneva Left hotel at about 9:30 and found place to eat (after a while).  Had 2 sandwiches & mug of fruit.  We got lost on the way to first gallery (Palace Pitti) and found ourselves at … Continue reading

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7-Aug-1985 Venice to Florence – everybody wants to rule the world

7-Aug-1985 Venice => Florence Left for Florence at 11:40 (after included breakfast after shower), arrived at 3:30.  En route at “balequs” (??) we picked up 2 Italian girls in our car — one who kept talking and occasionally sung a … Continue reading

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5-6 Aug 1985 – Vienna to Venice

Saw every species on earth, photograph of Brahms, Schönbrunn, and in our spare time … Venice. 5-Aug-1985 Vienna => 6-Aug-1985 Venice Checked out at 10:00 went to Südbahnhof, put stuff in locker with broken key (had to use penknife to … Continue reading

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4-Aug-1985 – the humbling wheels and towers

4-Aug-1985 Sun. Vienna Stayed inside most of the morning (it rained all morning), then went out – straight to the Prater. We rode one small looping rollercoaster, ate lunch, rode the Prater Wheel which was exciting — then walked around park … Continue reading

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2-3 Aug-1985 Salzburg => Vienna. Beethoven, Klimt and ducks eating bread

2-Aug-1985 Salzburg => Vienna Managed to pack, ship suitcase, and eat something and say goodbye to Frau Gluck and make it to the 1:40 bus.  First class train ride was very nice save the 80 shillings I had to pay … Continue reading

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31-July to 1-Aug-1985 Wed – Frank arrives

31-July-1985 Wed. – 1-Aug-1985 Thurs Took my laundry to the laundromat and didn’t know whether she was going to take care of it or not – I looked at her, stumbling and she lost patience and said, “speak to me, … Continue reading

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