4-Aug-1985 – the humbling wheels and towers

4-Aug-1985 Sun. Vienna

Stayed inside most of the morning (it rained all morning), then went out – straight to the Prater. We rode one small looping rollercoaster, ate lunch, rode the Prater Wheel which was exciting — then walked around park until we could stand it no more (me anyway — crowds of people and very hot).

Then we rode U to Danube Park – very modern.  The whole beach set up on the bank of the Danube is a concrete sculpture – 1970s futuristic.  Looming above on one side was the International Centre – a 70s futuristic building complex (uno city).

Then, we rode up the Danube Tower – another 70s futuristic.  I really enjoyed it, although Frank was unimpressed.  Then around Park grounds until we found our way to Metro.  We took U to South Banhof to check if they had lockers big enough to hold packs the next day.  Came back to Stephen’s platz and tried to take pictures of Dom.  Found a Gasthof type restaurant on a back street with huge portions and extremely good.  Went back to hotel – found Lance, went to 12 Apostles wine cellar.  Had wine & started talking about future travels.  Then, we went to another place across from hotel & had beer.  Went to bed around 1:00.

The Prater wheel (“Wiener Riesenrad”) was very cool.  I can remember remembering the scene in The Third Man where Orson Wells talks about how insignificant individual people are — how they look just like ants.  In contrast the “Danube Park” was like going back to the future of 1975.  And it felt like an abandoned movie set.  The Prater was so crowded, but here I don’t remember seeing any other people — and it’s a vast park.    I remember earlier in the day describing to Frank how I thought that living in a foreign country was humbling, and he didn’t understand.  The guy in the Danube Tower ticket booth was really rude to Frank –  either because we didn’t understand him, or couldn’t figure out how much to pay him, or some stupid reason.  I think then Frank understood what I meant.

I don’t remember that evening specifically, but it was a good one.  I guess that’s the last time I saw Lance.

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