7-Aug-1985 Venice to Florence – everybody wants to rule the world

7-Aug-1985 Venice => Florence

Left for Florence at 11:40 (after included breakfast after shower), arrived at 3:30.  En route at “balequs” (??) we picked up 2 Italian girls in our car — one who kept talking and occasionally sung a phrase from “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.  We eventually found a pension with a room with 2 oriental guys. They weren’t there when we checked in and we wandereed around the city looking for a restaurant in Frommers.  We found it, but it didn’t serve until 7:00, so we walked some more, found a place to have a coke.  Arrived at “xinex” (??) next to the Vecchio bridge and then back to restaurant (exchanging money on the way at the shifty establishment hole in the wall with a good rate).  The restaurant (to me anyway) was a big disappointment with small portions at a large price.  Ate some ice cream on way home.  We plan to leave for Paris Thursday night.  Check out time from here is 10:00am.  Tomorrow we see Florence.

The pattern of not being able to eat anything until 7:00 at night, and staying our hunger by getting bloated by a coke on an empty stomach, has become a bit of a legend in my mind.  Maybe it only happened this once.  But it’s not a bad plan for those of you in a similar situation.

Yes, I used the phrase “oriental guys”.  Listen – it’s 1985 — practically the stone age. They were Japanese I’m pretty sure.  I guess the room had four beds.  I remember I was wearing my “Save the Wales” t-shirt (1985 folks) which had the phrase printed in the languages of the four major outlaw whaling countries — including Japanese.  I was worried when they noticed me wearing it.  But actually, they were really cool.  We didn’t have a comprehensible conversation, but I think they dug it.   In fact, you know what, I’m going to get me another one of those t-shirts.  Saving the whales never goes out of fashion!

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